Sunday, April 3, 2011

Where do you poop?! You poop in the potty!!

When my mom and dad were first married they lived in an apartment in the basement of a home. My dad loves to tell the story about the parents yelling to their little toddler, "Where do you poop?! You poop in the potty!!" And for some reason whenever I recollect my dad telling that story I remember it being in and Italian accent, which made it sound even funnier. (I am pretty sure they people upstairs were not Italian, but maybe it was funnier for the story's sake.)

Anyway, I had to laugh today (and later, scream because it ended up not being the first time).

I heard Sister calling to me from the down the hall that Baby was playing in the toilet. I was not happy, but, as most mom's know, toddlers do this if the lid is left open. You freak out, wash their hands and go back to life.

Well, when I came around to get those chubby little hands out of the tank, I noticed that Sister was washing her hands.


Now, I am going to insert here, that as any parent knows, we can teach our children to flush, wipe, and wash their hands--but no matter how many times we instill this in their little brains they just don't seem to get it. Well, when you have a mentally challenged child then this feat is increased four-fold.

I mean, I can't complain. Sister did wash her hands.

I just wish she had flushed the floaters before Baby had started playing in the toilet.



Well, I freaked out a little more that the last 2 times she has done this in a flushed potty and then scrubbed her hands and fingernails along with my own.

Oh, the joys of motherhood.

I am amazed at the things I can do now as compared to when I was a teenager.

I mean when I was babysitting as a teenager and a kid drooled on me I was immediately up and cleaning it off my shoulder like it was acid that would burn through to my skin.

Now I just leave it there.

Remember this:

Ya, that's it, my badge.

A few more statistics about Baby:
She now has 3 teeth coming in all at once, this will make a total of seven
She is walking everywhere
She brought her shoes to me to today to let me know she wanted to go outside!! (Yay, her first attempt at communication!!
We just recently had her IFSP and wrote up some new goals and I am excited to move forward with them.

Oh, and one other thing, I am so happy that I had a bit of inspiration today.

2 remarks:

candace said...

I am sorry, but that badge should be sparkling of gold! I know it is not funny now, but it will be hilarious in the future. You are an awesome mom! Don't you ever forget it. We look up to you for inspiration!

Julie said...

You wrote that "Poop in the Potty" should be in an Italian accent, now I can't get Marlan Brando as the Godfather talking about pooping in the potty!