Saturday, April 9, 2011

Brother Blog

A few weeks ago Brother wanted to make a video to send into iCarly. He had been watching it on Netflix and thought it was hilarious. When I was tucking him into bed he informed me he wanted to make this video for her show.

I asked him if he wanted to have his own show after we had done a few and he got excited about the idea.

So here it is. (Oh, and the hamburger background on his blogsite is because of his love for hamburgers.)

I am so excited and hope that his own personal expressions will bring about awareness of Fragile X Syndrome. I am hoping that he will stay excited enough about it to post a new video on his blog once a week.

I will post the video here too, just because.

His first one

I hope you all get as much enjoyment out of this as I do (smile).

4 remarks:

April said...

Oh my heck I just love him. Thanks for sharing this it made me smile, and laugh he is so awesome!

Liz said...

I loved it !!!

rach said...

Cute kid! Is icarly not on anymore because that's too awesome to not put on! I love how he confesses his crush on one of his lunch buddies! :)

Paola said...

I love him! I am so glad I got to teach his class today, he is such a joy to be around. You are so lucky he is yours forever.