Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sister's Antics

Sister has quite the sneaky side to her. I often catch her with my phone trying to text people. Every once in a while she is successful at it and I will get a call or text from my sister or aunt wondering what I needed. I would be confused until I had remembered that Sister had my phone at some point throughout the day.

Well, my mom called me today and was laughing and thought that I had texted her a message just to be goofy.

Here's what it said and the pictures that were sent along with it:


I am amazed that she has now figured out how to text and send pictures with the message... I also love the pictures she chose to send. Aw. 

Then tonight she was supposed to be in bed asleep. When I opened the door to check in on her I heard the rush of her covers and saw that she had quickly pulled them up over her head. I swiftly walked over to see what kind of mischief she was hiding—tearing a book, playing on Brother's iPod, playing with my phone... any one of the norms. 

I let out a burst of laughter when I pulled back the covers to find her dressed up with her cowgirl chaps over her Snow White pajamas holding a Star Wars light saber. It just really made me chuckle.

If you want to see Brother's sense of humor I updated his blog, here.

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Kirsten Amelia said...

Ha ha yeah she called me not too long ago and I heard you talking in the background. Then I got a random text but I was impressed that she had spelled her name in it, too:)

Kirsten Amelia said...
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