Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Pictures

I forgot my camera when we went to Jessie's house for the annual family Easter party.

So Brother was in charge.

It was so fun to see him taking pictures of everyone.

His cousins, Jman, MrT, and LittleB had fun with his iPod camera too. It was so neat to see them all playing together. I can't believe technology these days. I can't fathom being able to have a video camera and a camera all to myself to have fun with... wow! Kids are so spoiled now-a-days!

Here, are a couple of Brother's MANY pics:

Looks like Yaya is saying "ya-ya."
Oh, and here is Aaron's poop that he put in one of the Easter eggs.... OK, it's not really poop. He rolled up a tootsie roll and stuck it in there. Bwa ha ha ha!! I thought it was very funny, especially the fact that Brother got it. He opened it and said, in his silly way, "Very funny people!" (smile)

The next day, Easter Sunday, Brother got up bright and early before church and we found our Easter baskets.

This is what Baby looked like when we woke her up for church.

Now that is some Easter hair!

After church we had an Easter egg hunt at Marc's parents:

Brother got the Golden Egg that had 2 dollar bills in it! He is still trying to decide what to do with his $4.87 that he got... I told him to save up.

Grandpa Gary was showing Sister how to jump through hoops... tee hee!

It was a great Easter weekend full of fun activities, and learning about what Easter is truly celebrating.

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Joel and Jessie said...

Gary jumping through the hula hoop made me smile!