Friday, April 8, 2011

So they say

It was about 5:30pm when Sister started throwing her bracelet, jumping and grunting. I tried to redirect it by playing along side her, throwing another bracelet.

She looked at me quite annoyed and said, "Mom, no."

I said, "But, I want to play with you."

Sister replied, "Urgh. Mom, can't you make dinner or somethin'?" (and it's funny because she says that last word like, "suntin")

Tee hee!

I do usually make dinner about that time so I guess I was in her space.

Which reminds me of something else she has been saying often lately.

When we are trying to encourage her to do something, for example, clean up her messes, she will say, "I need some space! Give me some space."

Baby "sang" herself to sleep tonight. It is so cute to here complete and total gibberish coming from her sweet little voice. I always know when she is tired because she puts her fingers to her neck, kind of in the crevice between her chin and neck. It's such a funny tell-tale sign, but it is very helpful to help me to know that she is tired.

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