Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Product Review

Remember my "cami secret," or close cousin of the mock turtleneck. If you don't you can click here and then read on.

Well, I have to say I love them. They have been great! I can wear my v-neck t-shirts with no worries.

But, I learned today that when a toddler gets all wound up while at the doctor for a well check-up a v-neck is never a good idea—especially with a mock cami.

Let me 'splain why:
When you are trying to hold a writhing baby down so that her ears can be checked and her feet are pointing towards your chest, her feet will inevitably land in the path of least resistance.

While you are holding the child you are concentrated on them, not your clothing.

It isn't until after you get them calmed down that you realize you have a wardrobe malfunction.
Hopefully the pediatrician didn't notice... course, maybe he reads my blog... hmm... oh well, a picture seems to be better for some odd reason.

I am glad to be able to laugh about this because I found out tonight that Baby will be getting tubes in her ears... bummer.

But, again, on the upside, at 18 months she is 22.1 pounds and 32 inches long.
And with the tubes we are hoping for speech improvement and better balance while she walks.

3 remarks:

Mariah said...

I wore a Cami Secret of my own on Saturday night's conference session. I wore it with a jacket and lead the music. The entire time I kept glancing down to make sure that my buttons hadn't popped off or something! We've done tubes 5 different times around here - luckily the procedure is pretty quick and easy. Good Luck.

The Chizel Family said...

oh no! Ha ha Rach you always make me laugh! Poor baby :(

Julie said...

You could pioneer a new fashion trend! ;)