Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Badge of Honor

So when I was first married I heard a lady talking about the spit-up that had become dried and crusted on her shoulder. She called it "The Mother's Badge of Honor."

I'll never forget that. I thought it was so funny. All of us mom's have been there. We get spit-up on at the most inopportune moments... usually when we run into the cute guy from high school that we used to have a crush on, or something like that.

Well, I have had my fair share. But, there was one "badge" the other day that really made me laugh.

It had been a rough night with Sister up a lot and Baby up a lot. I got up early to work out with my hubby and then I had a bunch of laundry to get caught up on. Anyway, my shower got a little delayed, but it was finally accomplished. Ah. I am clean, shiny, still a bit wet. I figure I will just let my hair air dry because I need to nurse the baby anyway.

So I nurse her and she seems especially hungry today. When she is done I put her up on my shoulder and burp her. She is happy as can be and even gives me a big grin.



Spit-up from my eyebrows to my toes!

Wholey tomales! Are you serious!

I was bound and determined not to have to wash my hair again so I just washed and rinsed the part that got puked on.

As Baby is happily playing in her little bouncer I decide I should blow dry my hair so that I can look good and ready for my hubby when he gets home.

So, I turn on the blow dryer.

What is that smell?

It smells like baby puke...

It smells like hot baby puke... and I don't me "hot" in a good way.


I must have missed a spot.

Oh, well. I don't care. I am ready now. So I will wear my Mother's Badge of Honor proudly—hidden away in my ponytail.

Poor guy.

My husband comes home and gives me a hug and is probably wondering what perfume I found at the dollar store that day...

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