Thursday, June 10, 2010


Have you ever looked at someone else's pictures that they took at the same event you were at and you didn't even notice some the perspectives that they had noticed.

Grandma Lynne had taken some pictures of the kids I wanted to download and I noticed a bunch of older ones. These first ones were taken  in September when Amy and Frank first moved here and I was still pregnant.
This is just funny

This same day was when we had all three of our goats over. The little ones were having a ball jumping off the rocks in the back yard.

These pictures were taken in November at Brother and Amy's birthday party

This is Grandma Lynne's sister with the kids

Here is when Grandma Lynne came for a visit and wanted to get some pictures

must've been around Halloween... nope just Sister.. I think this is actually in February because I am wearing the shirt my sister, Jessiegave me for my birthday.
We believe in tough love in this family (smile)

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Karen Mortensen said...

Great pictures once again.