Friday, June 25, 2010

Faces, Flowers and Toes

These are some of my favorite faces

My mom, she's so pretty! 54!! Ya, I know she does look like my sister, I get that all the time! Her surgery has been healing well. She is quite the trooper. She is excited to be able to do her own hair again and all the other things that come with having two good arms. Like picking up Baby. She had to pick her up by her overalls to hold her.

Then there are Sister's faces that tell me, "no pictures!"

I love my wild flowers. I love to cut them from my back yard and arrange them in a big pot to place on my kitchen table. Oh, I love it!

And, I finally had to do something different with my toes. This was a fun one! Lime green, magenta and black—mmm

1 remarks:

Amanda said...

Ok, you are too talented. How in the world did you do that to your own toes? You need to pass some of that talent on to me.