Friday, June 11, 2010

Sitting Up

So Baby is sitting up at 7 months... well, kinda. She needs a little help and she only sits by herself for a few seconds. But, I got a picture of her first time sitting up. It was when her OT came from Kids Who Count along with her toy lending specialist. I love these guys! Early Intervention programs rock!
Here is her OT (Occupational Therapis) working with her to get her stabilized to sit up on her own.
Those overalls that Baby is wearing are old school—GUESS Jeans. Isn't that funny. I guess that's what happens when you dress your kids in hand-me-downs. Still so cute!

Not too sure here.

 A little help

I think this is her getting ready to sneeze. But, look she is sitting up on her own!


Baby is now 7 1/2months and a little behind now, but nothing too worrisome. I am not stressing yet. At least I am trying not to. These pictures were taken last week and she is still working on sitting on her own so I am glad I got these pics.

She is doing better eating her solid foods and does really well with graham crackers.
She can still roll over from her tummy to her back
Still can't roll over on her own from back to stomach
She is switching hands to hold toys
She can bare weight on her legs and loves to be helped to stand
She LOVES her feet and sucks on her big toe whenever her feet are bare!

So cute!!

7 remarks:

Anonymous said...

p.s. I LOVE your OT with KWC! I won't mention names to protect the innocent but she is SO GREAT!!!

Maren said...

I miss KWC! They are amazing and we absolutely love the OT as well!

It was really fun to see you the other day.

Karen Mortensen said...

What cute pictures. That is great that she is starting to sit up. I can't remember when Daniel sat up but it was around then.

The Chizel Family said...

She is sooo cute!!!! Love the cheeks. And I LOVE your new background and picture, the way your hair flows in the breeze...oh you need to come back...just not right now it is WAY HOT!!!! and you know its hot if I am saying it!

Yo said...

She is so dang cute!! Yay baby:)

Rochelle said...

Love the new blog look!!! And great job baby, mine are so much happier now that they can both sit up!!

Amanda said...

YAY!! She is so cute!