Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Magics, Magic, and Magic...

Three completely different things.

I have started Brother and Sister in a gymnastics program at the city recreation center. They love it and look forward to every Wednesday!

Yesterday Sister asked when we get to go to "magics!"

That is how she says "gymnastics."

When we got up this morning she kept jumping up and down saying, "Magics! magics!"

Then the picture shows Sister's blue magic.

She was doing her thing where she lines everything up on the kitchen stools to play her "games." I noticed that everything she had was blue. I asked her what she was doing with all of it and she said, "Magic." I asked her if it was magic because it was all blue. She smiled and said, "Ya, blue magic."

As long as it is blue, and not black, I am happy...

The last magic is the magic I see when Brother and Sister are at gymnastics doing a structured physical activity. It is so awesome to watch them do summersaults and hand stands. I just can't stop smiling watching them succeed.

2 remarks:

Karen Mortensen said...

Love her new word and it is easier to spell.

Anonymous said...

I love it. She is so cute. I love kid's words.