Sunday, November 28, 2010

While you're waiting...

for me to actually post something. Here is something funny.

It was Brother's birthday! Yes,  he is 11 now! (pictures to come) Anyway we had some family over to hang out with us and Sister was quite hyper—running, screaming, laughing maniacally—just plain h-y-p-e-r!

She was downstairs with Marc and about 15 minutes passed and she came up—hair messy and frizzy, cheeks reddened, breathing heavily, "Mom, dad says I need to go jump on the trampoline outside."

It was snowing and cold.

I laughed.

So did my mom.

I didn't let her go outside to bounce on the trampoline so she proceeded to bounce off the walls of the living room...

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candace said...

Happy Birthday Brother!