Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Clay Cookies and Pizza

It was one of those days that I needed Peanut to come help out at home.

Sister was crying for me to make some clay because the other had dried out. I didn't have time to make it between work and kids so when Peanut arrived to save the day I put her to work making clay.

I just gave her the recipe and quickly explained it. She had never made clay before.

About 10 minutes later I hear Peanut call my name and I go upstairs to find that she had started kneading the clay before it was ready... tee hee! Guess I should have taught her instead of just show her. I had to take a picture of it sticking all over her hands. We got quite a laugh out of it...

So of course we made it again and I helped her with the last part of it. The kids were thrilled to have their new clay and played with it all night long.

Later that afternoon when Marc got home I was working again and I heard the oven opening and closing. I got concerned and went to check on what was going on.

Sister and Brother were cooking pizza and cookies... out of clay... on my nice cookie sheet.

At least the oven was off... phew!

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