Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Harvest Festival

Here are Brother and Sister as cats!

Judy and The Rest sang at the Fall Harvest Festival—that's my band! We had fun, but Brother and Sister had more fun!!

You would think we didn't even own a horse with how excited these two were to ride these little ponies.

See the black and white pony in the background? Brother spent the entire hour while we were singing talking to that pony, stroking her mane and even found a feather to put in her mane. The guys running the pony ride gave him some extra time on the pony ride just because they got such a kick out him!

Sister was in heaven on the pony ride and in the petting zoo... she especially loved the pygmy goats... huh? We have one of those at home and I paid a dollar for her to pet one! Anyway, she liked the pigs and baby cow too.

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Kirsten Amelia said...

I'm just seeing all your posts! Because Jer is at the dentist hee hee. The computer is mine!! Anyway...I love to see all the pics. They made me laugh, they made me cry...Oh it was just great. (okay I didn't cry...but it sounded good)