Saturday, November 13, 2010

Keep your eye on the prize!

Sister found her big, red bat in the garage and asked Daddy to come play baseball with her. He jumped on the opportunity and went straight to the back yard.
"Keep your eye on the ball!"
he would say, and she kept saying, "I am. I am."

Baby has discovered the earth around her... dirt, rocks, leaves, grass... and they all go to her mouth. I had her outside with Daddy, Sister and Brother to play while I cooked dinner. Baby kept her eye on the leaves while Daddy kept his eye on Baby.

Brother was rollerblading, and quite proud of the fact that he could actually move and stay in an upright position! It was cute to see him so determined. Sister, she was determined to get one special back on the tree branch it had fallen from. (I think the picture with her chocolate face is just too funny!)

And last:
Baby won't give up with out a fight. She has really mastered crawling and is starting to climb up to some things to explore what is on top, or inside.