Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Pooh

So, here I am finally to Halloween. I make sure to keep all the updates on Baby current but, everything else just comes as I have time... so here it is.

A week before Halloween my mom found the perfect costume for Sister.

Sorry just had my phone again... but you get the idea... and, besides, I have better ones coming.

She loved it so much she wore it home in the car. It was hard strapping a stuffed horse and a five-year-old into a booster seat. But, it didn't stop there. She wouldn't take it off to go to bed either! It was quite the feat just to get her to pull it to her knees to pee before bedtime!

I snuck a picture...
... she even has the vest on. Good thing I had put her in her jammies before going to Grandma Judy's.
The next night was our church trunk or treat. Brother didn't want to go (to overwhelming all the people in costumes...). So Marc was at home with Baby and Brother and I took Sister to the trunk or treat. She was VERY nervous when we walked in and she saw all the people. She stuck to me as I carried her through talking her through it the whole way, telling her it would be OK. Once she saw her friends she was happy and seemed to be able to get past the overwhelming crowd. She even lined up to go on  stage for the costume parade... I kept watching for her to go across... then I heard the crying. Too much. I carried her away from hiding behind the curtain. But, didn't she look cute?
When we were able to go outside where there seemed to be more open space she relaxed and was VERY excited to trick-or-treat. She came home with her candy and shared it with Brother. He was so relieved that she brought some candy for him. He wants the reward, but is too nervous to do the work. My kids LOVE candy!! LOVE is probably an understatement.

Later in the week we had all kinds of fun. 13 and 18 came for a long visit... ya, I know, SURPRISE!!! They stayed for 4 1/2 hours! (And later we picked 13 up to be with us for another couple of hours).

Just because!

There are pictures below as proof!

Here's a recap of what you will see:
-13 playing piano with Baby
-18 sending a funny picture to my phone
-Goofing around with Baby's costume (that kept us entertained and laughing for at least 30 minutes)
-Later that night we went to a friends decked-out-for-Halloween-house! (Brother and 13 even got a photo-op in Dracula's coffin)

Baby's face is my favorite!!!!

Baby's costume was one my mom picked up at a yard sale (surprise) and we laughed so hard because it is so fluffy/fat... ah, Halloween Pooh!

Here are us girls on Halloween Eve ready to trick-or-treat.

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha (gasp) haaaa haa! At least she was warm for the whole 3 minutes she was out before the sheet of rain came barrelling down upon us!

Brother wouldn't go. He was too nervous. So I took a bucket for him... he he he.

Marc stayed home to pass out candy and after Baby went down for a nap (that costume wore her out) Sister and I would go between rain spurts to get more candy. Sister was loving it. She would have trick-or-treated all night if I had let her!

5 remarks:

Staci said...

Love the pic of sis. sleeping in her costume! so cute! At the ward halloween party Caden wanted to go home as soon as we got there. It was crowded. He finally warmed up to the craziness.

Rochelle said...

OK that is just the CUTEST costume ever, any kid would love to wear that!!!

Aaron said...

Haha! The horse costume was so funny!

Anonymous said...

Great costumes!!!! That Pooh is the best!

Rosanne Orgill said...

love the horsie outfit!! how cute is that, amazing halloween house! how fun is that