Monday, November 1, 2010

Digging it up

We are working on a new garden area. It's gonna be bigger and better. I am very excited. So are Brother and Sister. They LOVE to help Daddy work on getting it dug up and moving the dirt around to the low areas. In fact, Brother would come home from school every day, run off the bus to the back yard and start digging. Sister would shortly join in. I had to take a picture of this day because the came straight home from church and ran to the back yard—Sunday best and all. They are such good little workers.

Later in the week their cousins came and saw how much fun Brother was having and decided to join in.
So happy that my kids love to work—it's such a good trait to have!

The garden is ready to start tilling up and getting ready for winter. I am excited to plant a better garden next spring.

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