Thursday, June 7, 2012

The School Dance I Never Thought I'd See

Usually when my kids have end of school programs I get to see Sister perform while loving our attention but, Brother, on the other hand, well, he avoids anyone watching if at all possible. At his previous end of school programs they would sing the cutest songs and give the sweetest little comments about the school year. I loved it as long as I pictured him doing his part. Luckily, last year his sweet teacher filmed him during rehearsal so I could enjoy him in all his performance glory.

Apparently all they had to do was give him a dance to do with his whole grade with hundreds of people watching and then he would go hog wild!

I couldn't believe it! I watched him dance with his entire grade. I had told his grandparents to come watch if they wanted to see Sister but, Brother most likely wouldn't perform and I didn't want them to be disappointed after driving all the way up here.

But, he danced!

And he was great!

He knew all the steps and everything!

Maybe his local neighborhood performances were stemmed from the confidence he gained from learning this dance at school.

You've just got to see this.

And not to take away from Sister's sweet little performance. They topped it off with yellow shirts with black tape and antenna headbands.

We had 3 people filming so I had to take all angles for Brother's performance but for Sister's I just show you the close up shot because she is just so darned cute!

Oh, and Baby even gets in on the action...

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I am SO SO proud of Brother! He did such a great job!