Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Odds and Ends of a Post

There's just something about being a kid in the summer and eating a popsicle... Baby tries so hard to be like me (smile)

We trade off  Sundays with each of out parents houses. This last time we got to go to Marc's parents for Sunday dinner. It was such a nice day, you know a nice enough day for pospsicles and mermaids...

So did you catch that I said "mermaid" at the last of that last sentence?

Brother will show you how to be a mermaid using only a yard rake and the grass.

yard rake
mermaid, oh, I mean, merman

And what is summer without a nice pony ride?

This my mom's newest purchase for the grandchildren. She, of course, bought it at a yard sale. It's those kind like you find in front of the stores that you pay a quarter to ride. Coolest toy ever! Man I wish my mom shopped like this when I was a kid!

Baby is looking like she really wants to get on

So J-man helped her on

it was love at first ride

We taught her right

Even Uncle Joel wanted to get in on all the fun
I have so much to catch up on and so much to write down. I hate being behind because then I forget the little things like with Baby repeats us saying things like "Chicken, bawk, bawk." or "Rachael, come here."

Ya, her and Sister now call me "Rachael," It's pretty funny to hear two little girls call their mom by her name. I am Rachael but Marc is always "Daddy." Tee hee. Brother still calls me mama. Love it.

Sister has been doing well out of school for the summer but, only because she has best friends to play with her every day, all day.

It is heaven. I love having friends over for the kids everyday.

It makes me feel like a "normal" mom.

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