Friday, June 15, 2012

Hair today, Gone tomorrow - the short story

I have always loved doing hair. When Sister was younger she let me do her hair all kinds of crazy ways:

Then toward the end of last year she wouldn't let me do it in anything but a pony tail or bun. that was tough for me but I tried to make it fun and different as much  as possible.

But, then about 4 weeks ago she started with an anxious habit of twisting pieces of her hair to the point of it breaking off. We tried to help her stop but she just couldn't. I would brush over the snarls to cover them in a pony tail but it was getting to be really habitual for her and I knew it had to be cut off short. Short enough for her not to twist it or to freak out about when it touched her neck or face.

So after a discussion with Marc and then a discussion with Sister we got on the internet to look for short hair cuts on little girls so Sister could choose one she liked. There weren't any little girls with pixie cuts like she was describing to me and the only little girls with short hair had bobs or a-lines and she didn't like those. So we had to choose what she called a mom's haircut. She was bothered that the picture was a "mom" but she liked the hair.

I couldn't bring myself to cut it quite to a pixie so I just did my thing and cut away.

I did shed a little tear and a few sighs of "I can't believe I am doing this" but after I sawed off the ponytail there was no going back.

After her cut was done she bounced out of the tub as if she had a new lease on life. She was so happy. I was sad that I hadn't cut her hair sooner seeing how happy it made her. It has given her a whole new attitude. It just goes to show you how much sensory she can be affected by for good or bad.

She looks like a little Tinkerbell and it fits her feisty little personality.

These were fresh out of the tub wet do's but she was so excited to show everyone.

3 remarks:

Bonnie@TheFragileXFiles said...

Her haircut is adorable! I'm going to show all those other hairstyle pictures to Aliza to inspire her to let me do something funky with her hair....

Anonymous said...

I read your blog quite a bit. We are also on Facebook and our son and one of our twin daughters have FX. Obviously, I don't normally post but, your daughter looks ADORABLE with her haircut. The ponytails and braids were very elaborate and creative but with her pixie cut she looks like an absolute doll! And the best part is her personality shining through. Well done!

Lara said...

I am super impressed with your hair doing abilities, and a little jealous, if I must be honest.

But, she looks absolutely ADORABLE in her new pixie cut. Seriously, so cute!