Saturday, June 16, 2012


Like I've said many times before, my girls LOVE to swing.

Baby has discovered how to ask you for a swing when there isn't one around.

She grabs you by the hands and then hangs... until you swing her. Grandma Lynne  and Grandpa Gary came for a visit and Baby put them right to work.

I have to laugh at the sheer look of terror on her face... she loves swinging but it also scares her if you get a little too high.

This all started because Grandpa Gary was horsin' around with Sister and standing her up on his hands... I didn't get my phone out in time for the stand but I still wanted the memory.

This  next picture really gets me laughing. Why? Well, it was all in Sister's dismount.

Tee hee hee!!

Baby wanted to try it but once she got up on Grandpa's knees she got scared.

I love that, the whole time, Sister is just giddy with happiness!! Of course, so is Grandpa (smile).