Saturday, June 9, 2012

I love taking pictures

There is something so addicting about capturing moments in time. Not just posed moments but real, actual, in the moment moments.

Here's a few of the moments I wanted to freeze in time.

Kids and sprinklers always show moments you just have to capture. All kids love water.
For my kids it is, literally, therapeutic.

She wanted to try to get a drink just like Brother

deep in her book

love her rosy cheeks

Sister likes to read anywhere, anytime. So after her and her friends were done with the water she brought out her books.

Sister's friend Juju really wanted to get into Sisters shot

Sister was so happy that her friends wanted to listen to her read

Sister loves Juju and I love JJ's face in this one.

Baby really wanted to get back in on the action

She finally made it in

sister love

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Aaron said...

I LOVE these pictures, they are awesome and SO sweet!