Thursday, June 21, 2012

Weight lifter, Movie Star or a Vampire

Baby watches Daddy a lot. These are not weights, but they look like it. They are just cushions that are part of his weight bench. She was doing her hammer curls when I snapped this shot. She was even grunting when she would lift them up. Ha! It sure made me laugh.

She looked so cute with these big sunglasses on so I snapped a few shots.
The way she looked made me feel like the papparazzi.
(And don't worry, Marc was driving and I was in the passenger seat when I took these.)
And, ya, this is creepy, funny, and cute all in one but I just had to take a picture because I was laughing so hard. Our friends treated us to pizza and red velvet cake while we hung out in our back yard and Baby really, really enjoyed it. Sometimes drooling really can be cute, but, hmmmm.
It looks like Arial was her victim. But the grin on her face is really what makes this whole picture.
I just can't stop laughing.

2 remarks:

Brittany said...

I LOVE the vampire picture!!!

Karen Mortensen said...

Great pictures. She is so funny.