Thursday, May 31, 2012


There are all kinds of stages...

I've seen a few stages of parenthood -- babies, toddlers, teenagers, tweeners, then back to babies, toddlers and tweeners (see HERE if you are confused about why I have had experience with teenagers).

I have also seen some different stages of Fragile X in each of my kids. Stages where it affects them so much that they can't even seem to function socially or emotionally. Stages that bring them soaring to height I, nor they, even expected.

Stages that our marriage has gone through from newlyweds to parenthood, to fostering other children, to dealing with the news of a Fragile X diagnosis of 1 child, then 2, then 3.

We have gone through different stages of homes and neighborhoods.

We are trying to broaden our stage here in our new neighborhood by meeting new people and making our neighborhood family bigger. So what better way than to have a BBQ and karaoke?!

This, is definitely our favorite stage...

the one we can sing on (OK so it's our back deck, good enough).

You will love this video of Brother in his element dancing and singing with his friends.  Sister was trying to emulate her friends and was having a blast at it. Baby was gettin' down and shakin' her groove thang (you'll have to watch them behind the railing, Brother will make himself known).


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Anonymous said...

glad you are having fun with your neighborhood. We lucked out and got the best neighbors ever! :) And I must really mean it because they won't see this...

Anonymous said...

thanks Rach!