Saturday, May 5, 2012

Having fun before hernia repair surgery

Yes it is totally possible.

But, only if you have someone like my mom to be there to entertain you and help you laugh at the little things.

Starting off was not fun.

I was by myself at first.

We didn't have some one to get the kids on the bus in the morning or anyone to watch Baby until 11am and with my surgery starting at 9am it worked out that my new friend and neighbor took me to the hospital that morning after taking her kids to school and then my mom would meet me there to see me off to surgery.

I was a little early so my mom wasn't there yet but the nurses went ahead and admitted me and I guess part of admittance was a blood draw.


Not my forté.

So I kindly warned the nurse that I am not good at this so she better be good at this or I will faint.


She was NOT good.

Therefore, neither was I.

I started to get very sick, and my heart rate started racing, my palms got cold and my fingers went numb.

She had to get me in a wheelchair and wheel me around for the rest of the admitting and then to my waiting "stall" until I could at least put my head up so I could get dressed in my hospital gown. (My life could be a sitcom.)

As I was waiting for my blood to come back to my head I heard my mom's footsteps (I just knew it was her) and I immediately felt relief coming. She came in. Worried.  Wondered why I didn't have the best of the best to draw my blood and helped me get dressed into my gown so I wouldn't fall over.

I don't know that the "getting on the gown" part was hard. I think it may have been standing up while it was on.

Check this thing out!

One size fits all?

Well, I should hope so!

That is what got the fun started.

We could not stop laughing about how big it was, and it was made of paper to boot!

I mean I know it has been a few years since my last surgery but, really, paper? Who's idea was that? A man's?

Anyway, then I had to laugh when I laid down because I could mold the gown...

No, really I did come in for a hernia repair, but if you want to move the fat from my stomach upwards....  just sayin'

My mom and I had a blast sending the pictures to everyone so they could see all the fun they were missing out on.

My mom even had the nurses bring in a TV and VCR (ya, we're old school like that) and we watched "What About Bob."

This is my favorite scene and I quote it often (Get out of the car!)

Man, that show is funny. And if I had any question about whether or not my hernia was still there I found out. Ah, laughter. The best medicine. Or the best hernia reminder...

We were so giggly, I don't think anyone would have guessed how scared I was to go into surgery that day.

I don't know if I was necessarily scared of the surgery but more scared of the healing process while taking care of my kids.

Looking back, I think it was the wisdom I have about my kids.

I was definitely scared for the recovery process. (smile)

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Mariah said...

You make me smile like no other person on earth! I hope you're doing well (and your kids too.)