Thursday, May 10, 2012

Infection, Affection, Deflection and Perfection


So, you know the part about being nervous about healing from surgery? Well, my incision site got infected. It started with some swelling and pain and then got itchy. Itchy and sore is no a good combo. (Just in case you didn't already know.)

Luckily I got in to a doctor soon enough to get the infection treated with antibiotics and I am doing just fine now.

In fact I went to a follow-up for the infection yesterday and the Doctor said I am looking and healing great and that I can start getting back into my "normal" life except no heavy lifting--I wonder if Baby counts as "heavy." Just kidding, she is a lug, so she is learning better how to climb into her car seat and my lap.

You want to know what else?

Keep reading below if you do...

She is starting to say a few more functional phrases/words. Now, instead of only pulling me to the fridge, she pulls me to the fridge AND says, "Pobdibibibabibliblibet." Which means, "Popsicle." (Insert loud laughter here) It makes me laugh because what she says and how she says it actually sounds like the sound you make when you shiver, so it is perfect for Popsicle. She also says, "Bye gampa" and "Bye gramma" when grandma and grandpa leave or when we leave them, it melts their hearts every time.


There were a lot of people caring for my family and I after my surgery.

Marc took off every morning that week to get the kids off to school.

My father-in-law was posted on my surgery day all day.

My mom had the next day so she could take care of me and Baby while the other two were in school and until Marc got home.

My father-in-law came again on the 3rd day and took care of me and Baby until Brother got home from school. Then Brother and I were on our own while Marc took Baby and Sister to the Doctor that afternoon. And you all know what happened later on that day that taught me I should never not ask for help.

My mom came on the fourth day to care for me and Baby again until 3:30 she was relieved from her shift.

And by Friday I was able to be awake enough to only need someone to help with Baby until naptime and then Marc would be home early.

My ward and neighorhood brought meals for my family for 5 days, arranged care for my children here at my home on the days that my mom or father-in-law couldn't be here until Marc got home, AND made sure to visit and call to check on me and my family.

Saturday and Sunday Marc did all the hard work of taking care of the kids and my mother-in-law came and cleaned and straightened up the house both on Saturday and Monday.

Now that's love.


Baby is very loving and very sensory needy. She loves to be squeezed, hugged, rolled, and folded. Sometimes, though, we don't catch on soon enough that she is needing some sensory input and then she bites.

She bites hard.

I had a Developmental Specialist come visit our home  for Baby and after she tried to take a vampire bite out of my neck the Specialist asked, "Does she bite hard."

"Enough to leave bruises," I lightly replied.

Little baby teeth hurt.

Any nursing mother knows this, or anyone who has ever stuck their finger into a toddlers mouth to fish something out.


So, often, I am trying to deflect Baby's teeth away from me but, sometimes it sneaks up on me.

She can be pretty aggressive. But, when I remember to give her the sensory input she is so happy.


my favorite one

finally rigged up my tree swing

But, when I forget then all I can manage is some deflection of her bites, I have learned that the stop, drop and roll technique works best...


Nothing is perfect. Not matter how hard I try, it just isn't.

Sometimes that's OK with me.

Sometimes it is not.

Like to day I went to observe a new classroom for Sister because she is testing higher than her peers in her current classroom.

It is so tough to try to find the perfect place for Sister to be. I just can't seem to get used to the big decision of placement for my kids. She isn't autistic but, she has autistic tendancies. She is not physically handicapped, but sometimes with her hyper-arousal and anxiety she may as well be. She is not capable of independence the entire day of school, but sometimes she fights hard to be as independent as she can at that moment. I am having a tough time with this decision, I can't figure out whether it would be best to leave her in her current placement with a teacher that has really been able to help her shine in her reading and math and she adores him and her classmates, or do I uproot her again to a school where her neighborhood friends would be attending but may fall apart with changing what she feels is "safe."

Brother tries so hard for perfection. He gets so frustrated with himself when he doesn't do things just right. I honestly wonder if that is why he didn't talk for so long because he wanted to perfect the language before he spoke it. Because once he started talking it was flowing pretty well.

In fact, just recently after a fishing field trip where he and Sister both got to go and catch fish Brother was able to show how important perfection is to him. I sent a cooler with them so they could bring their fish home and the came home with 6 because, I guess, some of the classmates didn't have coolers. Brother was insistent and having HIS fish so I opened the cooler and handed him one.

"That's not mine!"

I am thinking, they all look about the same to me...

He searches through the fish and finally grabs one and takes it out to the back yard. He knew exactly which one was his. He named "her" Jasmine.

He buried her in the back yard and it took him a good 30 minutes because he wanted to make sure that her burial site was perfect. It was so cute when I asked him why he didn't want to BBQ his fish with the others that were brought home and he emphatically retorted, "Because she is dead!" and then he did a little fake cry and continued on with his song for her. (So cute.)

Sister's teacher sent me some pictures of her reeling in her fish and she is too cute not to post. She was so excited to BBQ fish that night, but she didn't want to have anything to do with eating it. They all get a hat and they all get a fish. She was glad to keep the hat.

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