Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What my Girls do

I love seeing kids on swings. There's just something about it that reminds me of the joy it brought to me as a kid. It's interesting how happy it can make a child--swinging back and forth--going nowhere. Now it just makes me dizzy...

But Sister thrives on it. Whether it is me and Marc holding What my girls her up by her arms and legs and swinging her in the living room, the hammock downstairs or the swing outside, it brings her a sense of calm.
The other thing that Sister really loves is her iPod.

She loses it quite often, though.

It is quite the devastating event when it gets lost.

Without fail, every time it gets lost, I or Marc or anyone else asks, "Where did you have it last?"

We wait intently waiting to hear if it was in the front room, her bedroom, the kitchen, etc.

And she always answers, "In my hand."

Tee hee!

And here is Baby.
In case you can't tell she has devil horns on while she is riding her horse.
Grandpa Gary put these on thinking he was quite funny.
I'd have to agree he was. She can't be a bit mischievous at times.
(Where did the devil horns come from? My mom found them at a yard sale, of course.
And of course she would think to give them to my children... was that a hint mom?)

I think that, here, she didn't want Marc to take anymore pictures and keeping with character she has her mouth stuffed with food. It is a rare occasion that we see her without food stuffed in her mouth.
Do you remember that my kids don't typically sleep well at night which is characteristic of Fragile X Syndrome. So we give them meds to help them sleep, but, sometimes, they still wake in the middle of the night... usually it is Baby who wakes. For the last 4 nights at about 2 or 4-ish in the morning I wake to a "creeeeeeeek, squeeeeeeaaaak... creeeeeeeek, squeeeeeeaaaak... ... creeeeeeeeeeeeekkkk..." coming from Baby's room.

It's her rocking horse.

I know because I hear it several times throughout the day.

She has been putting herself back to sleep by rocking on the horse and then she lays on the floor and goes to sleep.

Cutest thing.

I am thankful that she is trying to find ways to console herself.

It is a noisy consoling, though.

But, it is a noise that I think I may actually miss one day.