Saturday, May 12, 2012

I am a Mother who Loves Mother's Day

I do.

I love Mother's Day.

Always have.

I loved it when I was little because in school and Primary I got to make sweet little gifts for my mom that I could hardly wait to give her. We always went to visit both our Grandmas on that weekend to wish them a happy Mother's Day... what kid doesn't look forward to that.

I loved seeing how proud my mom was to receive a flower in church on Mother's Day.

I loved seeing how, even though she was serving us the whole day, that she was happy and celebrating "her" holiday. She was so happy just being a mom that Mother's Day just suited her.

So when my day came when I could stand up in church to receive my Mother's Day flower I was beaming because I was now a mother.

Actually, I wasn't a mother when I received my first Mother's Day flower.

I had just gotten married.

I had no children yet.

But, I had entered the world of motherhood.

Teaching Young Women and giving advice and encouragement to youth as an adult.

That was looked at as Mother enough.

And each Mother's Day after that has been a joy in so many ways, regardless of whether or not I had children at that time because I was so excited to celebrate my mom and my grandmothers and the fact that I would one day be a mother.

Now, I barely get through the day with my hair a mess and make-up worn off from helping the children, loving my family, having everyone over for a Mother's Day Barbeque (I making the man cook the main course, at least) and being overwhelmed by the hugs and kisses and home made gifts from my kids.

I love it.

I love Mother's Day.

It is such a sweet way to be reminded of our mothers (or those who mothered us) and the divine calling we have as women.

Happy Mother's Day!

my grandma holding my mom (left) and her twin (right)

2 remarks:

Cheryl Meibos said...

Me too Rachael. Thank you for sharing. Happy Mothers Day!

Joel and Jessie said...

You should enjoy mothers day, You are an amazing mother!!!!!