Monday, May 28, 2012

One-liners and a Ham

Sister loves to line things up... in one line...

Anything, really.

But, lately, it has been books.

She loves books.

She loves reading.

So why not line them up, right?

I know what you are thinking:

"You have too many books."


"You should put the books up higher so she can't get them to line them all up."

Well, guess what, I thought that too.

I sold a BUNCH of books at our yard sale. And I have put almost all of her books up in the top shelf of her closet.

Now she is lining up all the DVD's and videos that we have on the shelves.

So I talked to her about those, and today it was the coloring books and crayons.

Eh, either way.

And Baby's one-liners are just hilarious.

Mostly because they are just jibber-jabber and full of facial expressions and hand gestures.

I always try to record her but she usually stops so when I had the opportunity at my moms I just had to record it.

I also wanted to share some fun pics and a video of my mom with the little granddaughters. So cute!

(Oh and just a side note on the video or WARNING you could say: you will have to listen really close to here the little girls' giggles but, I am warning you that you will hear my voice and it will blast your ears because I am the one holding the phone/camera. AND watch Melly at the end... ha ha)

caught my mom mid-fall

Yaya was so happy to swing and Baby had fun with her too

And here is sister piling up rocks to make, what she told me, is an ANT house...
maybe she was saying AUNT house... that's a pretty big place

And of course Baby just has to ham it up all the time and of course I have to get pictures.

grandma Judy has lots of costumes and the kids love to rummage through them... this is what Baby put together herself...

Here she is in the toy room with the play phone... she looks just like me... no really, she does

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