Tuesday, May 22, 2012

He's making friends!

I cannot tell you just how exciting it is to watch Brother accumulate friends here in our new neighborhood. He goes out riding his bike around the loop and he ends up having friends riding with him.

Typically it's the girls he attracts on these bike rides (OK, so maybe he latches onto them while they are riding--especially our sweet, sweet neighbor girl his age), but tonight he had some boys who are part of his Deacons Quorum join him and even had him over at their house for a while riding bikes! One young man in particular hung out with him for a good hour and when Brother came home with his new friend in tow he just couldn't be happier. He was so proud to be able to say goodby to his new found friend as he pulled into our garage for the night.

The best part about it was that when his friend was leaving he hollered to me, "It was a lot of fun!"

My heart just soars to see him making friends and feeling at home here.

And when Brother makes friends he holds onto their friendship for life, regardless of what kind of reciprocation he receives from them or how often.

He is such a great example to me that way.

I want to be like him and regardless of what things have gone on that I can just pick up where it was good and go from there.

And it is not just friends he treasures, but family -- to him, each time he sees Bryan, Kelsey and Junior I still see the love he has for them now the same way he did when they were living with us.

I guess that is why we are taught so often that those with disabilities are not here to be taught by us, but, instead to let us be taught by them.

I have yet to download Kelsey's image on the receiving end

Here is one she got of them together when we were out visiting Grandma and Grandpa

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wendy said...

Go to bed! Luv ya!

Karen Mortensen said...

This is a wonderful post. I am really happy for him.