Thursday, March 29, 2012

More detail...

... a little at a time.

I haven't had time to really sit down and blog about our experience with this move, but I really want to try to get it all down before I forget it all.

So instead of overwhelming you with it all at once, you will get tidbits here and there.

Remember how Sister would always say "I want to go home!" even though we were at home in our old house. And then she would say it at my mom's house referring to her new house. Well, we have only been living in this home for 6 days now, but she has not uttered (or screamed) that phrase once... which is a huge deal since she, usually, would say it half a dozen times a day or more.

Baby just seems to be right at home and really enjoys her room and her new big girl bed. We realized at my mom's house that she was ready to move into a regular bed and she has (mostly) been sleeping through the night. I think we only had one rough night because it was her first night and she seemed a bit disoriented.

Brother is loving the stage in his bedroom and has given it a lot of use already. With the little karaoke machine Grandma Judy gave him and his High School Musical microphone he thoroughly entertained/entertaining.

I was SO nervous for both Brother and Sister's new placements in their new school and I didn't really take she time I should have to prepare them for the transition. But, miraculously, the morning of their first day at their new school they we bouncing off the walls with excitement and anticipation. They could hardly wait. I think that their previous teachers did really well preparing them so I can't take any credit there. Both teachers also had their classmates put together some very sweet letters and pictures for Brother and Sister to remember everyone by and I think that REALLY helped.

It just goes to show that the love of a teacher goes a LONG way and that is why, eventually, I started feeling so good about the classrooms they would be in because I could tell that their new teachers would love them just as much as the previous ones had. And that is saying a lot.

Both Brother and Sister have come home everyday so happy with how their day went and I haven't even had to do sensory input when Sister gets home.

Things are going so well I am just trying to enjoy every moment. Hopefully these moments accumulate into a lifetime of them.

Marc and I love our neighbors and feel so at home in our house and neighborhood.

Now we have had a few setbacks, but only financial ones.

After we bought the house we found out we needed a new furnace so we got one. (It's times like that you wish you would have bought the home warranty.) We've had some plumbing that needs to be fixed and the electrical was quite an extensive job. It's a 1975 home with the original 1975 roof, so that needs to be replaced—SOON.

But not a single one of these things have made us feel like maybe this wasn't right. We feel so good about it all and we have learned to have faith in God AND his timing that we know it will all be well. We love it here.

We miss friends and family, but we truly feel like this is home.

Sister seems to think so too. (smile)

2 remarks:

Jon said...

I'm so glad! It is really a great house and just thinking about Brother's stage makes me smile every time!

Karen Mortensen said...

I am so happy that things are going well. Glad all the transistions went well. That can be hard sometimes.