Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Miracle of Reading

Some parents may not understand quite what I mean by "miracle" when it comes to reading.

Some do.

When my dad started reading with Sister while we were in Florida I was touched by his efforts and smiled knowing that she would probably enjoy hearing him read, but not actually read herself, at least, not yet. I mean, Brother didn't start reading until he was about 8 and that was only for his teachers. He was learning to read using the "whole word" method, which is where they learn the entire word and memorize words because he doesn't understand how to sound words out.

So here was my dad sounding out words with Sister and I was happy for his efforts but felt inclined to warn him that his efforts may be in vain.

My dad didn't give up. He saw something in her—an interest, a desire.

Then one night I walked in to see this:

I cannot express the joy in every success my children have.

All mothers out there know what I am talking about.

That moment of pride.

But, for a mom of a special needs child it is not just pride, but awe that envelope you when you see success.

It reminds you of that the moment you heard that your child would be challenged mentally or physically in life you had given up any hope or dream you had for your child and then challenges you to dream differently.

So to all parents who have children with any special challenges to not stop dreaming, just dream different.

There's a line in one of my most favorite movies of all times, Charly (based on Jack Weyland's book), where the main male character in the story realizes that the girl he has fallen in love with was not the girl he had been dreaming about. At one point in the movie, when he thinks he's lost her, he calls out, "I had the wrong dream!"

To me that line not only has to do with love, but with any dream we may have had, and our life, instead, took a different turn.

Today I am reminded that I am just fulfilling new dreams.

Better ones.

2 remarks:

Rochelle said...

That made me cry to watch that. I don't know why:) Love it though. :)

Rosanne Orgill said...

wow, I love it! that is sooo amazing! way to go grandpa