Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Feeling Young and Dating

Marc and I are blessed to have a local volunteer group who provide respite care for our kids. It usually works out to be twice a month. This is our opportunity to get out and reconnect with each other. It's been fun because the last few times we have had a night of respite we have had friends invite us to join them on a group date!

One night we decided to try Indian Food. Our friends, Susan and Jared, new a great place and boy, was it fun. I didn't love the food so much, but the atmosphere was a blast.

The picture above is at the ice cream shop afterwards... I decided I needed to refresh my mouth with some good ol' American dessert. It was a cute little ice cream shop packed with college students. I felt so cool going to the local "hangout." So we had to have Jason and Amy take a picture to commemorate our youngness. (smile)

Then a few weeks later Jason and Amy invited us to their house for food and games. We were laughing like we were a bunch of teenagers.

It was awesome.

We played a game where you write something down, fold it, pass it to the person next to you, then that person draws a picture of what you wrote, then they pass it to the next person making sure that the line you wrote is covered and all they can see is the drawing and they have to write down what the picture is of.

It. Was. Hilarious!

Here are a few images:
This one I HAD to take a picture of because I was so impressed with Marc's drawing skills! Not to mention, it just has to be hard to draw a tap dancing dog... just sayin'

This was the image Amy drew after my line of "What would Marc do if he worked out too much?" That's me saying "hubba, hubba!" Just in case you thought that was Amy... 'cause that would be weird...

I know this is sideways, but I am too lazy to worry about fixing it, so tip your head... anyway... this is my drawing for, "What if Susan learned how to weld." I couldn't figure out why the saying after my drawing was, "What if Susan took a welding class?" I got a few repercussions for drawing to well... (smile)
Then we played a game called Niagra. I thought it was going to be one of those take-forever-and-finally-get-bored-and-quit games, but it was actually a have-fun-and-get-competative-so-you-can-win-it games! Really fun! My brother, Daniel, really should get this one! Seriously... I'm serious.

See the little beaver on the bottom right of the game board? Right...........  there !

Anyway, Marc decided that he needed a little newspaper hat so Jared obliged.

Moral to this post:
Keep dating while your married. It is so important to your relationship, which, in turn, is important to your children.

"...retain the joy in your marriage. God intends us to find joy in life. ... Most marriages begin with joy, and those that succeed retain it. When a marriage loses its happiness, it becomes weak and vulnerable. Find a happy home, and you will find a joyful couple at the helm. Husbands and wives who no longer laugh and play together are losing their love for each other and their capacity to stay together. True love includes a joyful, almost childlike quality. In other words, have fun." —Hugh W. Pinnock

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The Shelleys said...

I haven't laughed that hard in years! That was such a fun night. I can't wait for a repeat.