Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Short Legs, Warm Hearts, Tired Arms and Floppy Hands

The day after we closed on our new house I went into the City Offices to have everything put in our name for the house. While I was busy filling out paperwork and answering the secretary's questions, Baby was doing her own secretarial work...

The secretary and I got some pretty good laughs as we watched Baby play "big girl" at the computers and phone. She jabbered away as if she was really in charge. Her little legs were so cute dangling over the office chair but my phone just couldn't handle the cuteness and only gave me half the image... bummer.

Then we went to the new house to get things cleaned up and ready for paint and such. Baby kept her self busy with the toys I brought for her but her favorite was taking off the vent covers and standing in the, then available, hole.

She looks really short... if a 2-year-old can be anything but short.

And when it comes to warming my heart, not only the people who helped us get the house, but the people who have come to help us clean, paint (which included taping, priming, and edging), clean some more, watch my kids, paint and caulk closets and the other things in between. But, I do have to say that the two people I was most excited about were the unexpected friends who showed up at a moments notice. It was fun to talk to one of my good friends yesterday as we painted Sister's room and left me with a warm feeling all day because of the sacrifice that she made to come all the way up to our new house and bring her happy-to-help teenage son. And then, today, another good friend who is actually the daughter of my good friend came in between he work and school schedules to help me. When I thank her over and over again for making the sacrifice to serve she said, "I know that if we still lived by you that my mom would be right over and dragging all my sisters along to help, so I thought I should help you." That really touched me heart to hear how much a young woman admired and respected her mom for the example of service she is.

My arms and my body are tired from all the painting but I LOVE the colors. It is all such a big change from our old house. Our themes and colors are very different. I will post before and after pictures when I can.

And finally the "floppy hand."

My mother-in-law, Lynne saw that the girls were getting quite restless while we were working on the house so she improvised and used some of the plastic gloves and blew them up into funny balloons. They were hilarious. A big round ball with 5 digits poking out..

Well, you know how every time you blow up a balloon it doesn't seem to last more than a few days..

That's was happened with the "hand ballon

It shrunk.

I scared my Uncle Slade (who is there doing a lot of finish wotk and plumbing)

He then thought it would be funny to hang it out of the trunk of my mom's car. When it was time for her to leave Slade and I ran to the front window to get her reaction. She laughed pretty hard and it startled her a little bit. We all had a good laugh.

I wonder what people driving by thought.

What would you thnk?

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Rochelle said...

ohhh I can't wait to see the before and after pictures!!

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