Friday, March 16, 2012

Maybe I get it from her...

I was reminiscing through some old photos tonight looking back on fun times as a kid and came across this photo that reminded me of all our Easters with my mom's side of the family.

I don't remember who it was but it seemed like every year there were one of these suckers in our Easter bags we would find at our Easter Egg Hunt in the mountains. They were the coolest and lasted forever... really they did, they didn't taste all that good but, they looked cool so you'd take  couple of licks and then set it on your dresser to come back to later... This is me and 3 of my cousins after we found our Easter bags, From left to right: me, Teresa, Dawna and Bottom: Melissa

Then as I started looking at more of the old pictures I started to admire my Grandma Ruby as I always do. No matter how many kids in the picture with her (she had 15), no matter where they are she always has her hair curled and a pretty dress on. She is so beautiful! I remember always wanting to be and look like her. She was always so sweet, yet funny and a bit sassy.

I had to laugh though because I ran into this picture:
For Pete's sake, she was in the hospital and still had to make sure her hair would be curled for the next day.

My grandma always taught her daughters to dress pretty, curl their hair and always look their best. My mom always passed on that advice too. In fact when it was so in style to always have your hair stick straight it drove her crazy because girls, to her, never looked like they were all prettied up like she had been taught.

I try to make sure that I am put together when I go out places. And when I curl my hair it must be extra special (smile). I just love dressing up like I have someplace to go, just like my Grandma Ruby always did and my mom still does.

Then I looked at more of the pictures, many of which my Grandma Ruby took, and noticed that she loved to take pictures of the funny things, the cute things, and the just ever day things. She kept a journal and she would put these pictures in and write down her thoughts.

My grandma would tease my mom by placing her bottle of milk far from the crib because she wanted it so bad and would stretch as far from her crib as possible just to get her hands on the stuff. "Click" my grandma takes a picture and then writes about it in her journal.

This is my mom with her twin and once again Grandma has found something funny about the situation. Everybody has to have at least one picture of themselves getting messy at the table...

I have to say that maybe I do have a bit of my grandma to me in that I love to take pictures of all the cuteness of life and children and then write it down so I can share my joy with everyone.

I hope I do her proud.

3 remarks:

Julie said...

Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures! I would take a stroll down memory lane with you any day!

Bonnie@TheFragileXFiles said...

You do look like your grandma! I love these old pictures, thank you for sharing them!

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