Tuesday, March 6, 2012

She complains a lot


She has a little bit of... well... hypochondria-ism...

I really never know when she is actually sick or hurt because she always has something to complain about.

When she doesn't want to go to school, "Me leg hurts."

When she doesn't want to go to school after I tell her that she has to go to school, "My heart hurts."

After she has had a cold, is completely over it and still doesn't want to go to school, "I have a cough."

When she doesn't want to go to church, "I have a hedik (headache)."

But sometimes, we get funnier ones like,

"Mom, I have a swallow in my throat."


"Mom, my knee/head/tummy/hand/foot/eye/hair hurts I need a 'Profin (Ibuprofin)."


"Mom, I got a skeeto (mosquito, which in her terms means it itches) I can't go to church."


"Mom, a have a rrrrrrash (she rolls her r's like that girl on 'Ratatouille' - it's hilarious)."


"Mom, I can't walk. I need a cough drop."


"Mom, my bum itches, I need a cough drop." (bwa ha ha ha ha, on of my favorites)

I get excited to hear what excuse or ailment she has for me every morning, and guaranteed there will be one.

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