Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I can't believe I haven't posted about this yet!

I just realized that I have not even told you all about Sister's prayer.

Two weeks ago we were really wondering whether or not we would get the house we had been hoping and praying for.

My mom has a lot of faith in prayer and is always encouraging everyone to pray, but this time it was a little bit sweeter.

She could see that Sister was really falling apart and anxious about moving forward but not being able to move into her own house and start her new life. So my mom told Sister that Heavenly Father really listens to children when they pray because they are so cute and sweet. Sister was pretty intent while listening, but then, quickly ran went back to her playing and running about.

Then a short while later Sister ran to my mom in the kitchen and informed her that she had said a prayer all by herself!

My mom was so excited and then escorted Sister into the front room where Marc and I were sitting and told Sister to tell us what she had just told grandma.

"I said a prayer my self," she stated with her huge, cheeky grin.

We were so proud of her.

Getting our children to pray at dinnertime doesn't happen and when we say family prayers they are shy and try to hide under the furniture.

But, she prayed by herself.

Marc asked her what she said in her prayer.

She smiled and then quickly knelt on the floor next to him, put her head down on the floor next to her knees with her arms folded and said in a muffled carpet voice, "A Father. Thankful day. Bless our house. Get it done. Name Jesus Christ. 'men."

Sweetest prayer I have ever heard.

And here we are two weeks later, the proud owners of our house.

Sister prayed for it.

God got it done.

4 remarks:

Joel and Jessie said...

Oh I just love that!

Karen Mortensen said...

That was so cute. Short and sweet and to the point.

Julie said...

That is amazing! Oh, the faith of a child!

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