Monday, April 2, 2012

The Junior Guy in the Junior High

I have always thought Brother was so tall for his age.

Skinny, yes.

But, tall.

Then we went to the Orientation for his new Life Skills class at his soon-to-be Junior High.

He is a shrimp.

A tiny little guy.

In a sea of overgrown, overdeveloped, overconfident teenagers!

In a two-story Junior High.

That should scare me, right?

Guess what.

It doesn't.

He was in heaven as we were walking the halls of the High-School-Musical-like setting of the Junior High.

He was practically skipping as we went from one place to another on the tour of his soon-to-be-new school. And I think he was even planning the grand entries on the fantastic flights of stairs and his great overtures along the balconies... trust me, he thinks that way.

What does scare me is that I actually have a kid old enough to be in Junior High come this fall!


When did that happen?

Ehh hheemmm... that's another story, anyway, back to this one.

The teacher of this Junior High class is amazingly sweet and funny. Brother was immediately drawn to her. They have peer tutors with the kids all day long, which brings new peer friendship opportunities for Brother and will really keep him involved with his peers. He is so excited. I think he would have started Junior High last week if it was possible.

His soon-to-be teacher got a kick out of us signing him up for French class, but I couldn't resist because he LOVES to watch Phantom of the Opera in French with English subtitles. Ya, I know, Fragile X or not, he is a genius.
I think this might be the pose he will take on his first day at the top of his new school stairs...

Ah, how I love Our Life right now. 

2 remarks:

Karen Mortensen said...

I am so glad that all went well. All the best. Daniel likes to listen to stuff in other languages. I think he understands it all.

Rochelle said...

wow, you are old, I won't have a kid in Jr. High for like 5 more years!! :) That is so much fun, and the beach shot is beautiful!!