Thursday, April 5, 2012

Down Time

I took time today to read a book.

Not to the kids.

Just for myself.

It started off as a book that I was reading to Brother each night, but he lost interest and I was still curious so I kept the bookmark in its place hoping I would get around to reading it.

I love reading.

It's a nice getaway from reality.

But, it is even funner when I get to immerse myself into it totally instead of just reading a little at a time to one of the kids.

I feel kind of selfish.

I didn't finish the book or anything.

I just have been enjoying reading a book.

Maybe I'll even finish it.

I still have two books that I have started and love, but just haven't finished them.

I guess when Baby went down for a nap, the laundry was still agitating in the washer and the kids still wouldn't be home for a half hour I looked at the book next to my bed and thought, "what the heck" and started reading.

Marc is working overtime.

I just warmed soup from a can for the kids.

The kids have survived one another and no drama happened so it was a good day to neglect my mom-ness a little.

And I have just been reading all day in between.

It's been nice.

Just doing something just for me.

Just because I want to.

I don't do that very often.

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