Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fire and Mud

Did I ever mention that our new house has a fireplace?

A real, log, fire place.

That, along with his stage, has been one the things that Brother has been the most excited about.

My sister, Kirsten, and her family were able to be a part of our inaugural fireplace fire.

We even roasted marshmallows.

Brother was as happy as a lark... wait... are larks happy by the fire?

Hmmm... let's see... he was as happy as a pig in a blanket... tee hee... whatever... anyway...

I have NO idea why white seems to be the color of choice these days.

Bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, clothes... everything!

Do these people have children?

White around my house is just for the toilet paper and socks.

But, Baby has a white pair of pants that were passed down to her. I finally decided to put them on her.

They were clean all day.

Until Marc said, "Hey, honey, can you check on [Baby]? She's outside."

He's says this so calmly as if she were wearing blue jeans.

It's been raining.

We have dirt.

Lots of dirt.

Dirt and rain make mud.

White and mud are not good.

Oh, well, at least she had fun.

My mom even came for a surprise visit and was able to "rescue" her from the mud.

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