Monday, April 23, 2012

The View From The Fourth Floor

My appointment with the General Surgeon was in a room on the fourth floor.

There was a great view.

So great, that I had to take a picture.

Beautiful, huh.

I was able to look at it for over an hour while I waited in the tiny room for the Doctor...

thank goodness there was a view.

But, it did give me some time to reflect and think.

I don't think very often.

Tee hee.

OK, I think, just not in a peaceful room by myself.

I started laughing when I thought about mine and Marc's date last Friday night...

If you haven't been to a kid's toy store like Blickenstaff's on a date, you should try it. It was so much fun reminiscing about our childhood while playing with toys we had as kids and being goofy with the things we hadn't seen before. Obviously, the machinist glasses were our favorites. (Ya, I know my shirt has static-clinged to my belly, so what (smile). It was so funny, because the place was packed but there was not one child in there, it was all adults, and it was fun.

Then after I got done chuckling to myself I started thinking about how serene it was on Saturday as we me and the kids laid out on a blanket under our big maple tree in the back yard and just enjoyed being.

Then the doctor finally came in and I had to come back to the moment.

We did the whole talking about how the hernia occurred and I let him know that it wasn't really hurting so bad anymore and that it would probably just go away. But, then he had to examine the hernia site, and low and behold, he was able to make it hurt again... ouch! I thought, at that point, he had just pushed it back in and I was going to just walk out of the office and get back on with my day and just return to him every so often like I would a chiropractor and get my hernia "adjusted" every couple of weeks.


I'm just naive.

You can't do that with an epigastric hernia, I guess.

You have to have surgery for that.

It's a 3-4 day recovery time.

He told me he wants me to arrange child care for a full week because of the situation with the kids.

Okee Dokee.

It's not an emergency or anything, but I wanted to have the surgery done while the kids have school so that I could just have some one care for Baby most of the day instead of all three, all day.

So, one week from today I go in to have some mesh sewn into my belly to keep that darn stuff in (he made sure to specify that it was FAT poking out of the hole in my "six-pack" abs and not my intestines... I guess I am supposed to be happy about that).

I guess my new neighborhood will be getting to know us a lot better, a lot sooner...

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Joel and Jessie said...

that picture.....I just laughed again!

Kirsten said...

So pretty sure I laughed pretty hard at that picture. Ya know. Ha and I see Jessie did, too.