Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Eggs and a Birthday Blowout

 I don't know how long it has been tradition in our family but, we have had Easter Hunts at Jessie's house for, at least, 8 years now... maybe even more.

It's always fun. We eat. Talk. Laugh. Stuff Easter eggs full of candy we all brought. Laugh some more reminiscing of times before... sweet tarts and balloons always bring us a good laugh... Then the adults go hide eggs while the kids try to peek through the windows.

I thought I was so clever "planting" the suckers in the grass.

I was so excited when I saw Baby running for the eggs...

Then I realized she was running for me, hence my out of focus surprise... 

Sister was having a blast, I have to laugh at all the adults, though, standing around... there is candy out here, people!

Brother was very happy to collect the eggs but, was sorely disappointed when he went inside to inspect them and saw there were no sweet tarts. (Luckily the Easter Bunny brought them on Easter morning)

Baby was running around like this the whole time, no basket, just a sucker in her mouth while she ran around following the other kids (smile)

My Dad was having a little trouble getting this egg out of its hiding place after he and I raced to see who could get it first... I let him dig for it...

Then he happily surrendered it to me
I told him to put it in Sister's basket, she was pretty happy about that idea.

Uncle Jeff is helping the kids check out their stash
LittleB is making sure it's all there

Mmmm. Sunshine and candy.

Millie with Chelsea behind, camera ready 

This reminded me of an old lady planting in her garden and I just had to take a pic.

Ya-ya and her mommy

hoola-hoops and Easter, reminds me of childhood 
MrT was pretty excited about the stash he had in his basket. 
Then we celebrated my dad's 58th birthday!!!

My mom made strawberry shortcake with candles for him to blow out.

Brother LOVES to blow out candles. He used to blow out other people's candles for their birthdays all the time but, as of late, he hasn't done it, to all our surprise. It was weird to not have him steal the spotlight right as the birthday person was about to blow out their candles and make a wish. He would sneakily swoop in and blow out the flames.

We thought he was done with all that.

Until we lit my dad's candles and started the traditional tune.

This picture was actually taken on Brother's second attempt at lit candles.

Check out my dad trying to hurry and huff them out before Brother could.
My mom trying to block the oncoming "wind."
And the hand trying to keep Brother from doing it a second time.

We gave my dad a "pose" re-take just for fun. He really got into it...

I love you dad! Happy Birthday!

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