Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What would a pretty girl have said?

So I was able to stand upright for a total of 10 hours yesterday and was crazy enough to try some grocery shopping in between that time. I even got ready for the day because I was so excited to wear something besides my pajamas and greasy hair.

I was wandering through the store in a daze wondering why I thought I was well enough to go shopping (let alone drive there) feeling green and gurgly. (Yes, I said gurgly... my stomach has not been normal for a few days now and it will let everyone within 3 feet of me know it.)

Anyway, a middle-aged man, a little heavy set, but average looking approached me cautiously and said, "You probably don't want to hear this..." at this second I am looking around to see if my children are hanging on something or knocking over a display and then I realize I am alone and turn back to him as he finishes with, "but, you are so gorgeous."


My reply was, "Wow! Thanks! That was very nice to hear. Thank you."

He walked away and I was standing there amidst my own stupification (did I just make up a word?) wondering why he would say that to me and then my thoughts went to what he said at the beginning... "You probably don't want to hear this."

Why would he say that?

What woman does not want to hear that she is a gorgeous person?

Maybe the pretty girls hear it all the time and it gets old... I don't know.

I took it as quite a compliment and it took me from green to pink.

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