Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Florida Ear Muffs?

Just pictures and captions today.
The pool at the resort has all of us smiling, but I have to say that Baby loves it the most.

Brother having a "whale" of a time...

And even though we are on vacation, Sister's anxiety is not. This is me giving her some pressure input to help calm her through it. Popo and Brother are in the background. (The old lady off the right of me is just funny.)

It was raining that night when we planned on going to the pier so we just walked the awesome downtown main street and went to get some amazing ice cream, Berry and Popo can attest to that.

And last, but not least, we went to a little gift shop near the ice cream parlor and they had ear muffs that, no doubt, would keep you ears warm.... but, we're in Florida... not Utah... but, hey, these Mickey Mouse size ear muffs made for a great pic.

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Karen Mortensen said...

All looks and sounds fun to me.