Monday, February 13, 2012

Canoeing on the Ocean

I never thought about canoeing on the ocean, but today Daniel introduced it to us and we loved it!

Baby, Sister, Brother, Marc, me and my dad all got a turn in the canoe.

Did I say my dad?


My dad has been here with us! His first time in Florida and he is having a great time, mostly excited to be here with his son.

I had a lot of fun... obviously!

Marc is pointing at the dolphins! We saw lots of them but I didn't get any pictures, just video...

My dad in shorts (smile)

my dad and Daniel taking the canoe out

this is my favorite picture of the whole day - Dad and Daniel out on the canoe and a beautiful sunset

2 remarks:

Anonymous said...

~ AHH Chissels Afloat ~

Rochelle said...

ahhh so pretty and I love that it has a motor! I have never seen that before, but why not!!