Friday, February 3, 2012

The Long and Short of It

So back in November of 2011 is when we first saw the home we felt was for us when we decided to move closer to Marc's work.

When we walked into the house to see it for the first time we met the Listing Realtor. He thought we looked familiar and after a quick reminisce we realized that Marc had taught him as a young man in Scouts and Church. We hardly recognized him but it was exciting to see him again and do some catching up.

We made an offer on the home that day, which we had been informed was a short sale. We had no idea what that meant, but, hey, sounded like the cheapest way to get a decent home... so we were all in.

It was a real blessing that the listing realtor knew us because we were not the highest or best offer but, he was able to lobby for us and we ended up with the chosen offer from the seller.

We had been told it could take months, even up to a year to close on a short sale so we figured we should put our house up for sale now.

One week later our house was sold.

We had no prospect of our new home going through so we planned to move in with my parents.

So the new year brought on new adventures.

Shortly after moving into my parents we were informed that the original listing realtor for our house was turning the listing over to an agent who specialized in short sales. We were basically starting over, it sounded like so we just thought well, I guess we'll be here awhile so let's go see my brother in Florida. Soon after booking our flights we started hearing good things that made it sound like maybe the bank would start looking at our offer on the house.

Then last week we got a call that the house was set to go on auction this week and that the new listing agent was working on getting the auction date changed so that we still had a chance at the short sale.

2 days ago we heard back that the auction date had been moved to March 15th which meant that if the bank accepted our offer we would need to close before that date.

Yesterday we made sure all our loan pre-approval was good to go again and updated with new info so that we were ready and the bank knew we had the funds for the home.

Today we got the news that the bank sent us a counter offer. Which, to us, is great because that means we actually have them looking at our offer. They accepted our price and we just had to adjust the terms.

We signed the papers and we are just waiting to hear back.

So, while until the banks get to the short sale it is just wait, wait, wait. But as soon as they approve our offer it is hurry, hurry, hurry.

I know with all my heart that all these things have happened for a reason. Heavenly Father is really watching over us and you can see his hand in everything that has been taking place. It is faith building.

And that, my friends is the    l   o   n   g     and  short  of it.

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