Sunday, February 5, 2012

Carry-ons and Chickens

We got to the airport and Baby thought she would make sure she was small enough to be a carry-on...

The kids did SO well on this flight. I think they are starting to understand how this works.

We did have a few break-downs which included throwing of shoes, food, and darting through complete strangers during our lay-over but after some rocking, cuddling and book reading we gained control of the situations.

We even saw Lyle Lovett and Luis Guzman... not together, but separately in separate places... anyway, we got a far away picture of Lyle (he's to the left of the photo shaking the soldiers hands) but I had my hands full when I saw Luis.

Anyway, we got in late and it took a while to get our rental car (the rental car, a minivan, is the highlight of Brother and Sister's vacation).

Finally we got to my brother's house and we were so happy to see them! It was so exciting.

Daniel was talking about how well we did packing lightly and I said, proudly, "Ya we only had one check-in."

Daniel looked at me kind of funny and asked, 
"You only had one chicken?"

Ah, the English language leaves so much to be interpreted...

2 remarks:

Karen Mortensen said...

Have a good time. Glad all went well getting there.

Rochelle said...

ha ha that's funny! Glad you made it there ok, I can't even imagine how much work it would be to travel with all my kiddos. We've never done it. Plenty of trips with babies under 2, but zero older than two. It will be a big deal when we finally do!! Have fun!!