Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Traditional Halloween

Funny, I didn't even get a picture of me but hey, at least I got everyone else...

My mom's family has been having a Halloween party ever year for as long as I can remember...
(The next series of these older Halloween pictures were scanned in by my Aunt Sheri. Thanks Sheri!)

My Aunt Sheri and my Grandpa at my mom's house. (Notice the bobble-head indian on the mantle? What?)

I think this was the early 80's...

My Uncle Roy and my Uncle Brad... ya, my uncle. He was wearing a gorilla mask earlier which totally explains the dress...

I am not sure whose house this was at, but check out my dad's bowtie and glasses.

This is my Uncle John...
Actually that was my Uncle Roy dressed as a John, with my Uncle Joe (ya, I know he is wearing a dress... it's Halloween) and Aunt Sheri

And this is my Aunt Aleesa... ya I know... but, again, it's Halloween...

My cousin Johnny, my Grandpa, and my cousin Dawna. It's so good to look back at these pictures and see my grandpa so spry and happy!
Aunt Rosanne, Aunt Sheri, and my mom... my mom LOVES Halloween and always likes to dress up funny.

My brother Daniel... I know it confirms everything you ever thought...

Marc and my Uncle Brad... Hey, there's the gorilla mask...

My mom... she makes me laugh! Look how low the ears are hanging... hey, that reminds me of a song...

I am not sure when the tradition started to always have it at our house or when the hay wagon ride tradition started either... but, hey, I ain't complainlin'.

I think this party was about 2001



My Aunt Aleesa and her daughter

My dad and mom getting the details squared away about the wagon ride while my Uncle Chris oversees the planning...

Dad fixing a flat tire on the wagon.
 Fast forward to now, at least 28 years later, and here we are!!! Tradition!!!
Aaron and Chelsea as bank robbers with their bag of money! (Cute huh?)

Well, put another log on that fire... sheeeeesshh!

Sister dressed up as a "jumping' monkey

Sitting around the fire, my cousin Yolanda poses for the picture.

Getting loaded on the wagon ride. My cousin Reuben looks happy to be one of the first ones on there!

I didn't know monkey had whiskers either, but, Sister insisted

All smiles

See Brother's silver pants? He was dressed as a.... wait for it.... Disco Ball!! (smile)

Baby was riding in the tractor with my dad for a little bit

My little Minnie was as happy as can be in her swing.

Having fun on the teeter-totters (Yes, that's what I call them. What do you call them?)

my favorite picture of the night

Bryan and Kelsey came too. J.R. was there too and I don't think I even got a picture of him... he was dressed as the Joker, he looked really good

Sister and her new best friend, my cousin's daughter. They had so much fun together all night long!

Jessie getting in on the act...

We have gone from being able to fit in my mom's living room to congregating outside...

My mom found these hats at a yard sale and Aleesa and Todd wanted in on the fun. Yes that is a hotdog that he is using as the trumpet... we thought it was funny... tee hee! My mom has her baton so that no one is confused who is the leader of the band...

Sitting around the campfire eating and waiting for the movie showing on the side of the house to start

My Aunt Karen and her two daughters... hee hee

Uncle Ben as Pedro
 This party is something that we all look forward to every year and brings many memories. I remember when my cousins Shauna, Steven and Lori would do a haunted house in their basement when we had it at their house. Man, that was fun! It's so important to have family traditions, big or small, it's just the special memories they create that matter.

If you want to see the last 3 Halloween Parties at my mom's take a look at 2008, 2009, and 2010.
My mom likes to get everything

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Annie Valerio said...

How fun! I love Halloween what a great and fun tradition to have. I love all the older pics to newer pics :)