Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Polka-dot Pokey

Sometimes before Sister's meds in the morning she says some pretty funny things. Usually things that don't really make sense.

Marc and I laugh at the funny things she says in the mornings but, when we try to tell each other about them later, we have forgotten what she had said but still laugh because we remember how funny it was...

Well, this morning when she said some funny things I made a mental note to remember and I actually did.

Sister: Ow! My polka-dot is poking me!

Translation, she had just discovered a mole on her leg and since everything that is discolored on her skin just has to be an injury of some sort, I guess she decided this mole was a polka-dot and to make it more dramatic, it was poking her...

Sister: You know Rhinosrus horns? (I know I spelled that wrong, it's how she says it)

Me: Mm Hmm.

Sister: They are stinky. I wouldn't want to eat them.

Ah, the wisdom of children.

Image by Pointe Digital

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Kirsten said...

Love the new posts:) Made me laugh out loud. Or should I say Lol