Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy People

We got a free newspaper this morning.

Sorry if it was one of the neighbor's and the paper boy just threw it in our driveway by mistake. (Can I say paper "boy" or is that now politically incorrect? ... paper person then, for any of you upset about my insensitivities)

Anyway, we don't usually get the paper so it was fun for Marc to sit down and look through it. The kids were interested in this phenomenon of a paper in our house too and were looking with him.

Marc came to the page with the latest "criminals" pictured. Sister asked, "Who are they?" Marc replied, "bad people" and went on to explain his reasoning for his initial description.

After that page was the obituaries (a lot of elderly people) and Sister quickly inquired, "Are those the happy people?"

It gave me a good chuckle.

Maybe I found that so funny because I am deliriously tired.  I've been up all night long.

Not having fun, well, the first part of the late evening was fun. Marc and I were up watching an older movie called, "North Shore." It's quite the cult classic among surfers. It was fun to watch and we were up until 1:30am watching the bonus scenes and interviews.

Once we finally settled into bed and I had dosed of into a deep slumber I was awakened at 2:30am by Baby crying in her crib. I got up assuming it would be a quick diaper change and a rock-a-bye to time. And hour later I couldn't rock her anymore, set her in her crib hoping she had decided she was tired enough to, at least, lay in her crib. No, the screaming cries rang out into the hallway. I went in to ask Marc to get up and take over for a bit because I was a zombie. He willingly went into her room and I tried to drown out her crying and go back to sleep. Call it a "mom thing" but, I couldn't doze off and figured that I should just go in and relieve Marc while I just relaxed on the front room couch and let her watch Wonder Pets on Netflix and play with toys until she decided she was tired enough to doze off.

One and half hours later I gave up after she had climbed over my head umpteen times, smacked me on the nose with a book she wanted read to her, sat on my neck or stomach with a nice pouncing initiative, and crying when each episode of her show was over to tell me it was time to stream another one.
image by Pointe Digital

These are the times that it is really hard that your child cannot communicate with you. I am not expecting her to give me full on sentences but a, "sick," "hurt," "hungry," "stinky," or "play" would help immensely. But I spent those hours last night trying to figure out that when she threw something at my head was it because she wanted me to be awake (not that I was really asleep) or because she wanted to be played with, read to or what.

She babbles a lot and even counts sometimes in sporadic numerations and even sings her ABC's. So I know her speech is emerging, I am just hoping to get her to communicate instead of only say things.

Finally, after becoming delirious and wrestless, I put her in her crib and went to bed.

She wasn't happy about that but I could tell it was her exhausted cry and it wasn't long before she finally tuned her crying down to a whimper and then fell asleep.

Ahhhh. 6:30 am and there was finally slumber.

"Mom, wake up!"

I am wakened out my groggy sleep at 6:45 am to a bouncy-happy-to-be-alive-and-ready-to-conquer-the-day 6-year-old.
image by Pointe Digital

I have a feeling it's going to be a long day...

But, not a bad long day, because today is my sweet love's Birthday!!!!
image by Pointe Digital

Maybe the girls were just excited to get an early start on their daddy's birthday celebrations...

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Rochelle said...

Sounds like my night, but with 2. Kaylee woke up at least 4 times and so did Katalina, but she was on our floor and Kaylee was in our bed playing on my iphone, but every 3 seconds she would get out of the game and pull on me until I started it again. I think she had to go potty but it wouldn't come out, and I couldn't put either on back in their beds because they both share rooms and I didn't want them to wake up Hunter or Ellie, the at 6 am Ellie came in and fore warned me that I was going to have to wipe her after going to the bathroom and after all that, the boys woke up and I laid in bed until Doug came home (from his massage) and made them breakfast. Not sure I went to sleep last night. My point being is we should have just called each other and kept each other company all night long... lol